Alpha Green Floor

Green Flooring

A new, innovative, environmentally-friendly, engineered flooring.

Alpha Green flooring is “CARB” (California Air Resource Bureau) exempt, anti-moisture, high-strength, high-stiffness, low formaldehyde, engineered floor. It is has reached European EO standards and the characteristics of Alpha Green flooring is to use OSB core and click-locking system as its main materials. With cork underlayment, the click-locking system makes installation effortless and reduces labor costs and decreases use of materials such as nails and harmful glue. Alpha Green products are great for aesthetics. The flooring is comfortable to walk on and have sound-absorption qualities. Alpha Green products have overcome the problems with splitting, cupping, and cracking that other engineering companies have reported.

OSB’s advantages OSB raw materials are SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified meaning that it uses smaller trees, preserving the larger trees. It also promotes adequate reforestation after timber harvesting. OSB also uses near zero-formaldehyde adhesive to build an oriented-strengthened product. OSB is created by flaking wood logs into wood chips which are then layered in a vertical, then horizontal position. Continuous high-pressure and high-temperature is then applied to create the final OSB product. This unique way of deriving strength from its orientation of wood chips in addition to high-pressure has created a product that is incredibly sturdy and lasting.

Ultimate Goal
 Alpha Green is greatly concerned with the environmentally-friendly aspects of our product. We recognize that it is our responsibility to produce items that are not only of superior quality but also sustainable. In order to ensure that the following generation is left with a better world, we are working to become leaders in the environmental protection movement. Our commitment to the earth is evident through our dedication to conserve our natural resources and, in this way, guarantee a better tomorrow, today.

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