Export Division
Leadman Flooring LLC-KCL (USA)      
Address:   4975 Avalon Ridge PKWY., Suite 100, Norcross, GA 30071 Company Type:
Telephone:   770.817.1430 Distributor/Wholesaler
Fax:   770.817.1431

Products & Services:
Moulding & Millwork
Lumber & Plywood
Floors and Floor Coverings
Engineered Wood Products
Cabinets (Kitchen & Bath)

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Asia – Beijing Office Contact
Contact Name Ms Wang, Fei
Title Beijing Office Director
Tel 011-8610-82250925
Fax 011-8610-82251659
Email wangfei@leadmanga.com

E-Mail:   davidyan@leadmanga.com
Web Site   www.leadmanflooring.com
Primary Contact    
Contact Name   David Tao Yan
Title:   President/CEO
Tel:   770-817-1430      770-817-1432
Fax:   770.817.1431
E-Mail:   davidyan@leadmanga.com
Secondary Contact    
Contact Name   Chris Jiang
Title:   Marketing Director
Tel:   770-817-1430      770-817-1432
Fax:   770.817.1431
E-Mail:   Chrisj@leadmanga.com

Main Products

1. OSB Building Materials-Huber Blue; AdvanTech, 2. Coniferous trees wood (Softwood) for Building materials, 3. Energy-saving and environment-friendly products and equipment, 4. Northern American hardwood building materials

Main Services

1. Import and export wood, flooring, and building materials, 2. Warranty service, 3. Develop local customized products, 4. Maintain a good customer relationships


Leadman Flooring LLC, located in the Southeast region of the United States, is a company that imports and exports building and flooring materials. Also, we are KCL US Office; KCL is a Chinese company that has expanded to the United States.

Leadman Flooring LLC-KCL(USA) is the distributor of Huber Engineering Wood Corp. in Northern China. Our exported goods are Huber Blue and AdvanTech OSB (Oriented Strand Board). Huber Engineering Wood Corp. is a subsidiary of Huber Group. There are five factories in the United States that produce OSB and their yearly production totals to approximately 2,000,000 cube meters. The product value is about 700,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 U.S. Dollars.

Huber Engineered Wood LLC is the No.5 largest OSB manufactories in the world. The AdvanTech product has been named the best building materials producer for the past seven years.


Leadman Flooring LLC.
China Distributor of Huber Engineered Woods